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Transition Innovation

Innovation in Transition Governance through Cloud Tools, Automation and Design

Transition Governance requires governing people, processes and deliverables in a stipulated period of time and in the level of quality that is unmatched to none.


A typical Transition Governance Model starts with finalising a meeting, tracking them using logs and MPP. We often tend to stick to standards and protocols. While they help to a greater extent, presenting the same story similarly after a period of time becomes obsolete and lose its very purpose for which it is made of. 


In setting up tools, framework, and process, we often forget the construct of innovation, Automation, Design, and use of the latest and best of tools. 

I have compiled a list of tools that innovates and automates Transition Governance.

In Addition to the much-needed design, refresh to various artefacts used in transition provides a fresh and new perspective to the way we look at the information.


Information or data presented in a simple form factor with the use of stunning graphics based on the theme and demand of the audience has a greater impact on their eyes

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